About Me

A little introduction:

I’m Angela Dekens, 27 years old and currently living in the city of Dokkum. It’s located in the upper parts of Friesland in the Netherlands. I’m living there with my fiancée, my two cats and my 4 little owls. On this page you can find information about my career as a photographer and how it all started.

The beginning of my career, past and present:
I started my career as a model and have been an active model for over 4 years. In this time i’ve gained a lot of experience and soon discovered that my passion was actually standing behind the camera rather than before it. Since mid june 2012 I’ve started to take my own photo’s and decided it was time to announce myself as a photographer. Having the experience as a model and combining this with my expanding knowledge of photography and my creativity I found myself growing every month. My first contactpages were the dutch version of facebook, the so called “hyves”community and model mayhem. Both site’s don’t exist anymore. Then came Facebook/Instagram and I’ve decided to make a contact page and sharing my photo’s on the online platform. You can add me on my personal facebook account and follow my newest photo’s and concept arts.

I always loved and still love to have interaction with people, with that bearing in my mind I followed the ‘verzorgende IG’ education or as it is called in english: Licensed Practical Nurse when I was 19 years old. I worked for about 2 years and loved my job but work pressure combining with the economic crisis made me decide to follow my other great passion.  In 2015 I’ve finished my graphical education and found that I could easily combine my work experience and social interaction skills with my photography and graphical design. My goal is to give people an intimate feeling, personal warmth and working without pressure when doing a photoshoot. I always go for the perfect results and in my opinion that can only be achieved when you take the time and passion for your work and your cliënts.

My other hobbies:
Aside from doing graphical design and photoshoots, I take great pleasure in painting (animals mostly) and playing games on my playstation 4. I love to take long walks in nature and really can enjoy a peacefull walk in a big forest. I have a very wide taste in music and listen to almost everything.